Do You Use Christmas Savings Clubs??

I read this article and had not thought about these savings clubs not being a protected scheme!

But now they will be.

There are so many financial schemes we put money into, and if the company goes bust, which is a sign of the times, we lose our money.

The FCA or Financial Conduct Authority are now going to regulate pre-paid funerals, so we do not lose our money by paying for a funeral and the company goes under.

Now we need to look at savings clubs.

What is next??!

Ideas on How To Save Money

I came across this web site with some interesting ideas on how to save money.

There are some good ideas there. Check it out.

A Way To Save Money…..From Another Time….

In keeping with a way of saving money, here is something I mentioned as a way to save money, from another time, that has been brought forward to present day.

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