What Is The Most Expensive Thing In Your Life?

Buying a house….buying a car……nope!

Children! We want them, love them, and they are an expense. An expense of love.

There are various calculators and charts showing how much it costs to raise a child to a certain age, usually age 16 or 18, but they all agree on one thing, almost £200,000!

There are so many factors to consider, in fact if you read this, it may be its own kind of birth control.

Will There Be a Rise In Loan Defaults?

Inflation is at a very high peak, and many of us are feeling it! Wages are not keeping up with the cost of living.

If you look at what are priority bills, some loans and credit cards…..fall way down the list.

So as wages do not keep up with the cost of living, will there be more defaults on loans that are no longer a priority? Some say yes! Including Experian, the credit reporting agency.

Read all about it here.

Local Money Lenders aka Loan Sharks!

It looks like with the cost of living rising, so is the use of “local lenders” or money sharks.

People need a way to bridge the gap between benefits, wages, and the cost of bills. Throw in an unexpected emergency bill, and there you have the perfect storm for some to swoop in and while seeming like a Saint, are the Devil in disguise.

The BBC has more on this here.

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