The Price of Milk and Eggs To Increase

I guess the thing to say here is, what is not increasing in price?

The latest news states that the price of milk may double in the following weeks. If you can understand all the facts and figures, you can read about it here.

Eggs usually increase in price this time of year, due to demand…Easter and all that. But an outbreak of “bird flu” or avian flu, last Autumn has caused many issues. One being the lack of free range chickens and eggs.

You can read about it in the USA here, and in the UK here.

Do You Pay For Your Bank Account?

Nothing drives me more mad, than I am then paying to take my money out via a cash point. Paying a fee to access my own money is madness! So is paying to have a bank account.

Here is more information on fee-free bank accounts.

Want to Hear The Punch Line of a Joke Before The Joke?

Boris Johnson!

BoJo the Clown!

That is the punch line.

The jokes:

How do you get away with making the rules, and then breaking them?

Boris Johnson!

What is the difference between a £50 fine and a £1,000 fine?

Boris Johnson!

Who can have parties and have wine brought in suitcases to No:10, but you cannot be with loved ones who are dying, or died from Covid?

Boris Johnson!

Not pretty is it!

In the words of Yoda….resign he should!!!!!!

Read more here.

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