I need to let a place to live but cannot afford the deposit. It is a private landlord and they want 6 weeks rent in addition to me paying my first month’s rent. I am thinking I will never get out of my parent’s house at this rate. I am working, but cannot save up the money needed to move.



I can understand your frustration with wanting your own place to live, and what the costs are these days; especially needing and saving for a deposit.

Many landlords want a security deposit or extra money, to off-set any damages a tenant my cause to their property. In most instances, it is not intentional damage, but just normal wear and tear. That is why they request a security deposit.

Some landlords have signed up to an insurance scheme that requires new tenants to pay a fee, usually much less than a security deposit, for an insurance policy that only pays the landlord if you were to leave the property with damages. Many of these schemes are for HMO or house of multiple occupancy.

If you are looking at other places to live, and your perspective landlord does not use one of these insurance schemes. A guarantor may be an option.



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