I hope you can help.

I owe a lot of money and lost my job a few months ago, and just want to do a runner and leave the country. I am even planning on leaving and not worrying about returning and dealing with life here ever again.

Can I do this?

Can I just leave my debts behind me?




Yes, you can just leave your debts behind you here in the UK, and move to where ever you wish, as long as you meet that country’s entry and Visa requirements.

However, your debts here in the UK do not just go away.

Your creditors here may chase you for payment, unsuccessfully depending on what country you move to. And they could also sell or assign the account to a collection agency in the country you now live in to collect the account there, in that country.

A lot of ifs….. and what ifs.

You could look at Bankruptcy or a DRO/Debt Relief Order here in the UK to be rid of your debts prior to leaving.

That way things are resolved, nothing looming around.

If you have any further questions, just ask. I am here to help.



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