So How Much Debt Does Each Of Us Have????

Have you ever wondered how much debt each of carries???

It can depend on the day, and who you ask, but many of us do carry some debt; even if it a mortgage loan.

The Money Charity have put together some statistics, that may be worth a view.

Do You Order Your Food Shopping Online? Check your Bill

Like many of us, during the lock downs we started doing our food shopping online. It was a very popular way to get your weekly shop delivered, and you could tell it was popular as the time slots filled up quickly.

Many of us have continued to use online food shopping, some out of necessity as we could not get out ourselves, and some just for the convenience.

However, you need to watch who you order from, and also your check-out bill. Some stores use substitutions for products, and some inflate the bill at check-out using “guide prices”.

Read more and get more details here.

Is “Civil Unrest” On The Horizon?

According to Martin Lewis, this could be a very real thing.

If you cannot heat your homes, keep the lights on, and feed your family….then the unrest begins.

A bold statement, but maybe not so far off base.

Read all about it here.

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