Why Pay Taxes If You Don’t Have To: Non-Domicile Status

Recently in the news there has been much talk about the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak’s wife having non-domicile status. She has this as she is very rich, and does not want to pay taxes to HMRC on all of her wealth. It seems much of her wealth is outside the UK, so by having non-domicile status, she does not have to pay taxes on money earned outside the UK.

You may wish to read more about this here, it is an interesting read.

A quick update: is that now after all the press, Rishi Sunak’s wife Akshata Murty, states she will now pay UK taxes on her income from outside the UK. This update can be found here.

And another update: It has now been announced, Rishi Sunak will now move his family out of Downing Street where they live into a flat in West London, I believe Kensington area.

The rumors were Rishi was considering stepping down from politics.

Some Good Tips to Save Money on Your Weekly Food Shop

Is it just me or are food prices on the rise????

I don’t think it is just me….as everything is on the rise. Inflation going up, wages being static, you have to bridge the two some how.

Saving money on food has always, and will probably always be, one of our priorities in trying to save money. It can be difficult to do though.

Here is a web site that offers not only some common sense tips, but also some other really good tips to save on your food shopping.

Smart Meters and Saving Energy

Yes, we know energy prices are rising faster then we can speak about them. The price caps have been lifted, and many of us are looking at double, some treble, the price of our gas and electricity.

We knew this was coming, and so me, myself, had a smart meter installed at the beginning of the year. I thought this would allow me to monitor my energy usage and make adjustments accordingly.

So far the only thing I have learned is that no matter what I do, my gas and electricity costs have gone up. I went online to check my account, with a major energy supplier, and I have used less gas and electricity so far this year than this time last year, but yet…..my bill is higher, much higher.

Short of not showering and living in the dark, I am unsure what to do???

Here are some tips that some may find helpful to reduce their energy bills.

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