I am in arrears with my council tax and was wondering if the new council tax rebate will help cover this?



Hi George,

The Council Rebate announced by the government is to begin rolling out in April, however, I have been told some Councils will not begin the rebate until May.

The rebate itself is to be given to those in certain Bands, A to D, with other provisions for some other Bands.

If you pay your Council Tax via direct debit, the money will automatically go into your bank account. If you do not pay by direct debit, your local Council will have other ways to give you the money.

As to what you do with the money is up to you. The government provided it to help with increased energy bills and cost of living expenses. You could use it to pay any arrears you have with your Council Tax, which is a priority bill.

Why are you in arrears with your Council Tax? Have you inquired as to the concessions and discounts you may be eligible for?

Let me know, and I can advise further.



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