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I stumbled across your site and hope you can give me some advice. A few years ago I fell on some hard times, and did not manage my money very well. I failed to pay my rent, council tax, everything but food and drink. I as eventually evicted by my landlord, and spent the next couple of years staying at friends and sofa surfing. I am now back to work and back on track and I found a flat I want to rent, but I am worried my past and the eviction will haunt me and I won’t qualify for the flat. Do you have any suggestions?

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A good starting point may be to get a copy of your credit file and review it, and see what it shows. Many private landlords will use credit reports as part of the process of vetting new tenants.

When you were evicted was it a private landlord?

The flat you wish to rent, is it a private landlord or housing association/Council housing?

I ask as social landlords can tend to be more forgiving about past rent and credit issues.

Are you looking to let the flat with someone? This can help as well.

Some options if you feel you may be turned down for the flat, especially with a private landlord could be to offer a larger security deposit than they usually request. You could also seek out a guarantor. Someone to guarantee the rent for you should you ever default on the rent.

I hope this helps, and wish you the best.



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