Fuel Prices High But Stable….For Now

Petrol and diesel prices are at the highest I have ever see, so trying to save money on fuel seems a no-brainer.

And there are many ways to do this, some of them common sense, one being walking more or car pooling, or using public transport. However not all of us can use these options, so drive on we must.

We can extend our gas mileage in many ways, don’t use the air con, no rapid starts or stops, maintaining a constant speed when driving, and others.

You can read more tips on saving fuel here.

Let’s Save Money

Even in good economical times, saving money could prove to be difficult, throw in the high and rising energy prices, food prices going up, and wages not keeping pace with inflation, you have a perfect storm for not being able to save money.

Fortunately there are those out there with ideas, offers, and tips on how to save money. Not all these tips and ideas will apply to everyone, or be able to put them into use, but it never hurts to look into them.

You can read some tips to save money here, and also here.

The Cost of The War in Ukraine to Us Here in The UK, And How You Can Help

According to some news feeds and experts, the war in Ukraine will cost us per household £2,553 as a drop in income. This is also going to be fed by the increased cost of living due to inflation.

You can read more about this here.

You can read about donations to Ukraine here on the UK government’s web site.

Estate Agents Purplebricks New Chief Appointment On Hold

I get asked many times, is a bankruptcy or bad credit going to stop me from getting a job, and for many careers and jobs it will not. However, for some it may.

Estate Agents Purplebricks were to appoint a new Chief, Helena Marston, after their old head, stepped down for personal reasons.

However, Marston’s appointment has been delayed, supposedly due to her going bankrupt under her Maiden name in 2014.

Previous bankruptcies can make share holders a bit anxious, however, according to sources she did disclose the bankruptcy and it has been discharged.

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