Today Is Not a Good Day to Fly

If you have ever watched the film “Little Big Man”, then you know the line in the film that “grandfather” or the actor Chief Dan George says, “it is a good day to die”.

I have joked with my friends and family for years when we took holidays and the weather was good, I would say…”it is a good day to fly”.

It is not nor it has been a good day to fly lately. Mostly due to airports being short staffed and baggage being held up.

Manchester and Heathrow are experiencing huge delays for travellers. Like many hours waiting.

You can read about Manchester airport delays here.

Energy Prices Go Up…Up…Up, But Could You Save Money By Cutting Out That Mocha Latte?

By now we all are starting to feel the affects of inflation and the fact energy costs are no longer being capped. In fact if you have a smart meter, you can watch your money going out the window or up the chimney as they say.

So we are all trying to save a quid here a bob there, but how????

Well, for many, we could save £1,000 or more a year, by not buying our coffees out at the major coffee chains. (now I will get hate mail from the coffee chains)

It is a way to save money. Read more at Which?

Where Do You Do Your Weekly Food Shop?

If you are like many of us, you do a weekly food shop….and top up milk and bread, etc, at the local corner shop.

There are so many supermarkets now to choose from. Gone are the days of just ASDA, Tesco, and some other long gone chains.

Today we have more options. So where do you shop?

I know some shop at multiple stores; they get this item here, their meat there, that the other place. All to save a bit.

Here is an article to read about one person’s experience in finding the cheapest supermarket.

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