I am working but only a few hours a week, and I am struggling with my bills. I do not have any debt, no credit cards or loans, but I have rent, council tax, food, and weekly transport expenses to get to work. I just cannot afford to live. Now with energy bills going up, I am not going to be able to make ends meet. Any suggestions?




Your circumstance seems to be heard more and more, especially now with energy costs doubling, if not more.

Have you explored what benefits you may be eligible for? By doing this, if you are eligible for any benefits, which may be Universal Credit, you will also receive a discount on your Council Tax.

With Universal Credit you are allowed to work, in fact they encourage people to work, and in addition, unless you earn over their threshold of income, you still receive the benefit. They have a percentage of the benefit you lose based on each Pound you earn, I believe it now is .55p. So if working, Universal Credit is a top-up on your wages.

Regarding energy costs, there may be some grants in your area, but with these new and recent increases in gas and electricity, there may be some benefits to aid with this in the future.

Is your rent with a private landlord or a social landlord?

No one wants to move, but you may want to look at social landlords in your area, and get on any waiting lists. Rents are historically much less than with private landlords.

If anyone reading has any additional ideas or suggestions, please chime in.



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