Disposable Cash to Drop This Year

We all hopefully know that inflation is on the rise, and we will soon feel it….if we have not already.

Food prices are going up, petrol is off the chart expensive, and not a good time to feed or have a pet.

You can read more here.

More Bank Branches to Close

I remember back about 15 years ago, there was a branch of a bank of whatever bank, on each corner of the street…..fast forward to now…..not so any longer.

You have to search high and low for a branch of your bank. But with mobile and online banking, you can pretty much do it all your banking. Although paying in a cheque for some banks you still need to go to a branch. But how many of us even receive a cheque these days.

Martin Lewis is probably the financial expert in England, maybe in the UK. His web site has more on Lloyds closing more branches here.

It is worth following Martin Lewis and his web site. Not only does he give good, great advice, he is very current, and one of the best in his field. In fact here in the UK, he may be the best!

Cheers Martin and thanks!

Taylor Hawkins RIP

The drummer of the band Foo Fighters (which is a really cool name), sadly died March 25th.

If you know the band which was founded by ex-Nirvana member David Grohl, then you know the band was very popular, and Grohl and Hawkins, were some of the nicest rock stars you could ever met!

When they covered Rush at the induction of Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, it was amazing! Great musicians!

Sadly when Taylor Hawkins died, the band now has had to cancel their remaining tour dates.

I have a lot of respect for them doing this. I feel for the fans who now do not have a show to attend, but your heart has to go out first to Taylor’s family.

I have heard of many a musician’s death over my years, and it never gets easy.

The stars burn bright!

Can You Imagine Owing £1.2 Million in Rent Arrears?!!

Imagine no more.

In Liverpool, the Grand Central Hall owes just that…£1.2 million in rent arrears.

There were multiple tenants in the building, and it even had a small concert hall. Now all closed.

You need to read more about this here.

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