Where Does The Government Get Its Money???

The UK government is a complicated animal. It has money coming in, and money going out at a rate we cannot believe or fathom.

Much of the government’s “income”, comes from taxes, and also Bonds they may sell or share to the public. When the amount of income coming in is less than what is being spent or going out, it is called a deficit.

Now you and I can live with a deficit, but only for a short period of time, one day the bills have to be paid. However, governments live in the red or with a deficit for very long periods of time.

You may wish to read here to see where the UK government borrows money from.

Government’s 2022 – 2023 Debt Management Report

If you have the time and patience, you may wish to read “the government’s estimates for the amount of financing it needs to raise for the year ahead”.

You can read it here.

Are Mobile Apps The Way Forward to Buy Fast Food???

I was in an unnamed restaurant yesterday….OK it was Taco Bell. The wife wanted tacos and we were shopping in town, and low and behold, there is a Taco Bell.

We queue up, as there was quite a queue, but it was 12:55pm, so a lunch rush….and we are waiting and waiting, and waiting some more. There was only one (1) till open, and the person at the till was clearly struggling to take orders, yet there were 5 to 6 people in the back lounging around, chatting, and so forth.

It was what it was.

Then the person at the till shouts an announcement…”the till and systems are down, if you want food, you need to order through the app, or through one of the delivery services!”.

Yeah, it was a WTF moment.

Now it must be said, this is the second time we have had issues with this Taco Bell. The last time we tried to eat there, 2 years ago, they had no meat! No beef! Yet most of their menu involves beef!

Neither I nor my partner have Taco Bell’s mobile app, and we also did not want to order via a delivery service to sit or stand there and wait as they, the delivery service, picks up our food only to hand it to us a few feet a way.

Amazing! I am glad Taco Bell are doing so well. They will not ever, and I mean ever, receive a penny/pence from me or any one I can convince to not visit.

Others have had the same issues, read here.

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