HMRC To Do More To Collect Taxes

Hey I’m the tax man….

According to the Public Accounts Committee, HMRC’s total tax debt is £39bn….that’s billion!

They feel this is on part due to the pandemic. They also feel it needs to be collected.

Collecting it can prove tricky. Many of us are struggling with our regular, monthly bills, let alone paying taxes.

Read more on this issue here.

P&O Ferry Sackings: How Will Those Affected Pay Bills?

If you read or heard the news, you know that P&O Ferries sacked about 800 employees, and replaced many of those positions with other workers….working at a much lower/cheaper rate. P&O stated they can do this according to “maritime” laws.

Now many are calling these dismissals illegal, read the details here.

UK’s Debt Will Cost The Equivalent of £1,235 to Each Person in The UK

The UK’s debt level will cost £83 billion just in interest in one (1) year! That is £83 billion just in interest!!

The total amount of the UK/government’s debt is £2.5 trillion!

Makes your credit card interest not look too bad.

Much of the borrowing was due to the pandemic, and now must be repaid.

Read the full story here.

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