Vampire Appliances

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With energy prices trebling and more, we are all looking for ways to save on our energy bills.

More and more newer appliances are more energy efficient, but not all of us can afford to replace our old appliances.

I had a Smart Meter installed recently and was surprised at how much more my electricity costs were compared to my gas cost. Part of this expenses was due to every day appliances that are left on, or switches not turned off, but still drain and use electricity.

Vampire appliances!

You can read more about this here.

Ban Sunday Driving and Reduce Speed on Motorways

This was something done in the USA in the 70’s to reduce fuel consumption, reduce the speed cars could drive.

Speed limits in the USA were reduced from 70mph to 55mph, all to save fuel. Of course it took you a bit longer to get to your destination, but you used less fuel.

The International Energy Agency, who I had never heard of, has proposed a plan to reduce our reliance and consumption of oil. Part of that plan is to reduce the speed limit on motorways to 64mph. Which is an odd…I know even number…but an odd speed limit.

You can read more about it here.

FCA’s Extension Deadline For SCA/Strong Customer Authentication Has Passed

The FCA/Financial Conduct Authority, extended their deadline for credit card and debit card issuers to increase their customer authentication to March 14, 2022. This date has now passed and we should see more security measures to prevent fraud.

Read more here and here.

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