Single parent from Wales , two dependent children work part-time in care home, receive working tax credits, child tax credits, child benefits and monthly wage of roughly £900. Water bill has come in for the year and they want over £5000, I had a water leak under ground in the front garden which took the council about 2months to get a company in to fix it as it was deemed by welsh water who supply the water that it was down to the council to get the leak repaired as it was leaking in a pipe that runs from the stop tap into the council owned property, but now I don’t know how much of that £5000 was wasted water that I am being charged for that I might not have used due to the leak.

Can I query the amount on the bill that they are charging due to the wasted water because of the leak or is there a way of getting out of paying it altogether die to the leak being under ground.




Yes, by all means contact the water supplier and query and challenge this bill.

Over £5,000, they know this cannot be correct, and that there must have been a leak.

You first may want to discuss this with the local Council, as between the Council and the water company they will have records of what work was done and what was discussed. Having documentation of this will help strengthen your cause.

As to how they will conclude how much you actually owe??? The Council or the water company will need to calculate this based on when the water leak was reported, and when it was repaired.

Thanks for the supporting information, and do let me know how you get on with this. If need be, contact your local MP’s office to get assistance. You should not be liable for this entire bill. Most average water bills in Wales or even the UK, are less than £450 annually. Use that as your foundation to discuss a £5,000 water bill.



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    1. Tina,

      I answered your question regarding the high water bill. Let me know how you get on, and if I can help in anyway. The water company must know this an error.



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