People move house for many reasons. Some move to save money, others move to update or expand their space. However, no matter why you are moving, the simple fact is that moving house can be incredibly expensive!

Purchasing a home and taking on new bills is already costly enough without adding in the cost of moving house. Apply these great money-saving tips when you move house to limit how much the process ends up costing you.

#1: Declutter Before Moving

Before you start to pack up for your new home, take time to declutter what you already own. There’s no reason to move things that you will just sell or get rid of later. The more items you have, the more costly your move will end up being.

Set yourself up for moving success by decluttering as much as possible. Do you have clothing that doesn’t fit or items that you’ve been meaning to donate sitting around at home? Devote a week to decluttering each room as you take stock of what needs to be moved. You’ll thank yourself later.

#2: Pack Before Getting Estimates

Are you planning on utilising a removal company to make your move easier or because of how much you need to move?

If so, don’t start gathering or comparing estimates until you have a realistic idea of how much you will need to move. Many people make the mistake of guessing that they will only need 20 boxes moved when they need more to be moved. Adjusting for this change last minute is expensive, and removal companies may not be able to help.

Pack up as much as you can to get a look at how many boxes you will have. Living out of boxes for a few weeks is frustrating but important for accurate estimates from removal companies. Plus, you can get the best deal if you’re more certain of what will need to be moved.

#3: Disassemble Everything (Or Don’t)

Some people choose to hire a moving company to help disassemble their furniture when moving house; this can get costly. If you have the time and capability, you may be able to cut back on some costs of moving by doing this yourself or with the help of some friends.

Learning how to take apart and reassemble furniture removes a huge cost from moving.

#4: Label Everything

Anyone who has moved house before knows the struggle of being sure that you own something but not finding it. Sometimes, this leads to people repurchasing items they already own before finding them in their boxes.

To prevent this from happening, label every box with a number. Then, create a detailed list of what is in each box that you can reference. This makes it easy to find what you need and notice if anything goes missing while moving.

#5: Plan Your Days For Savings

Did you know that hiring a removal company is cheaper on weekdays and that prices skyrocket on bank holidays and weekends?

By booking your move on weekdays and avoiding the most popular days, you can likely get lower quotes from the best removal companies. This is because many people stick to moving on the weekends due to school or work. If you can be flexible, you can save money.

#6: Redirect Your Mail

Did you know it costs money to have your mail redirected through the Royal Mail? While it is not an exorbitant fee, you can manage to create some savings by changing your addresses in advance of moving so that you don’t need to worry about your address change. Additionally, this will save costs with most companies and prevent you from being late on any bills.

#7: Find Free Boxes

Buying boxes can be an expensive part of moving house. If you plan, however, you can gather free boxes from local businesses. Many businesses like liquor stores or grocery marts may simply break down their boxes for recycling; some will be willing to give those to you for free or at a low price.

#8: Separate Your Essentials

When packing, make sure to make up a box or two that has the essentials in it. From makeup to toiletries, grab the items you want to have your first night in a new home and pack them together. This will prevent you from needing to go out and rebuy these items as you’re moving in.

#9: Trade Favors With Friends

Asking your friends to help you move house may feel like a big ask, but you can always find a way to trade favors to save some money. Do you have a friend that knows how to detach and reattach your appliances? Offer to do something for them in return for a few hours of their help, and you can save a lot of money by not needing to hire any workers.

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