Average Debt in The UK

Did you know that the average debt per UK household as of December 2021 was £63,528!


Credit card debt was £2,112, and total unsecured debt was £3,745.

And inflation was up as we all know and feel as well.

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Are We Borrowing More? The Bank of England Says….Yes!

According to the Bank of England, we are using credit cards more than ever!

Maybe it is due to the fact we are making more purchases online, or we are just using credit to live.

And we are not savings as much!

The economy my be to blame in some ways, the cost of petrol, food, etc, all is increasing.

You can read the full story and details at the Guardian here.

Do We Really Have Almost £2 Billion in Personal Debt in The UK?

Well close, £1,754.3 billion to be exact as of November 2021!

That is a lot of debt.

16% of us are facing debt issues. That is almost one-in-five of us.

You can read more and get more details here.

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