I was made redundant a few years ago, before the pandemic, and could not find work until recently. During the time I was out of work I defaulted on 2 credit cards. I was only receiving Universal Credit as a benefit. I was paying the cards £1 a month each, but the defaults were still recorded on my credit file. I am only working part-time now and it is doing some building work, and I work as jobs come up. I applied for a job in my old field and during the application process they state they will check my credit and I need to pass a credit check in order to move forward in the hiring process. I am worried the defaults on my credit will cause me to lose out on the job.



Unfortunately, some employers use credit histories as a part of their hiring process, but it does not mean you would not get a job due to having weak or poor credit.

An employer may check your credit, but they can only see part of your credit file, which can include any defaults. As to if they would use that information to decline your employment application, only they can say or answer this question.

I would hope if you are the best candidate for the position, they would give you an opportunity to explain your credit issue, and be understanding that many people are made redundant, and especially during Covid and the pandemic, it was extremely difficult for people to find work.



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