Hi Jon,

I hope you can give me some advice on my debt problem. I defaulted on a loan years ago, back in 2015, and the bank did take me to court and got a CCJ. I never showed up in court and don’t know what happened after that as I have moved house a few times and have not heard from the bank or the courts. I received a letter in the post the other day from a collection agency stating they are collecting the account on behalf of the bank, and they will begin enforcement proceedings if I do not pay the account in full. I cannot pay the account in full as it is now £10,000, more or less. I need advice as to what to do.




It sounds as though the collection agency, besides locating you and sending you the post about the debt, are stating they will seek out an Enforcement Order based on the fact they have the CCJ.

If they do obtain an Enforcement Order, they could look to having a charge placed against any property you have, send Bailiffs, or attach any wages you may receive. All of which is bad.

Have you spoke with the collection company? Can you set-up a repayment arrangement?

This is going to be your starting point.

You also may want to seek legal advice as to how long a CCJ has to be collected, the time frame. My research and knowledge showed 6 years, but there can be factors that affect this time frame.



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