My debt has gone to a CCJ.

Can you get rid of a CCJ, and if so how?



Yes you can “get rid” of a CCJ, but it depends on when the CCJ was issued.

If you can pay the debt or CCJ, within 30 days, it will not be registered, and not on your credit file. If you cannot pay the amount owed within the 30 days, the CCJ will stay on your credit file for a period of six, (6) years.

Then there is the issue of the creditor seeking an Enforcement Order. This is where things can get ugly.

If you can give me more information and details about your situation, I can advise more and help you.

What was the CCJ for?

Why did it reach that level?

How much doe you owe? Do you owe other accounts/debts?

Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan?

You get where I am coming from.



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