I am applying for Citizenship here in the UK and there is a Good Character requirement part on the application. I am concerned my application could be denied as I am in some debt and have a CCJ, which I am making payments towards.

I have lived in England for over 10 years now, and have ILR, and felt it was time to become a citizen.

I need advice as to if this will be a problem.

Thanks in advance,




I understand your concerns about the naturalisation process, and what the Home Office has as a “good character” requirement.

I am surprised that requirement is still a part of the application process as I thought there had been some controversy regarding it.

What defines good character is broad, and in some instances vague and subject to various definitions. How is that for a non-answer.

From my research and experience, the Home Office uses this clause as a last resort in sorting out who they want to stay here or not.

There are a few things they look at:

The government may also look at if someone has mental health issues as well.

This list is not exhaustive or definitive, just a few things that could be reviewed.

Being in debt and having a CCJ is not a crime.

If you are paying your debts, and have a payment plan in place, then you are showing responsibility for the debts, and that is good character.

I hope this helps.



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