Well sort of…any question…and I am considered quite knowledgable in these matters. If I do not know the answer, I will find it!!

Do you have questions regarding what does and what does not make-up your credit score?

Do you want to know how to improve your credit score?

Are you concerned as to if your partner or spouse’s credit is affecting your credit?

Considering getting on the property ladder and have questions regarding mortgages?

Curious about what may be insurance fraud?

Do you have questions about marrying someone with debt?

Have you recently been declined for credit?

Worried about the impact a divorce may have on your credit?

Need to know how to correct an error or omission on your credit report?

Are you being chased for payment arrears?

Have you left debts in another country and have moved back to the UK?

Do you want to know what happens if you go Bankrupt?

Then ask me, using the this form.

Please try to provide as much information and detail as you can, and I will answer your question!

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