I had a builder do some work on my home, we added an extension on the back. The builder put us in contact with a company that would finance the project as it was fairly expensive to have done. The builder started the work just after the lock downs were lifted, and we began making payments at the same time. Now the builder has not completed the work and we have a mess in the back of our home. I stopped making payments and now the company that did the financing is threatening us with repossessing our home! How can they do that?



It sounds like you have financed the extension through a third party finance company.

Unfortunately, you are still responsible for the loan payments, and more unfortunate is that the builder has not completed the work.

My advice would be to try and speak to the builder to inquire as to why they have not finished the work they started. You can also inquire with the Ombudsman service as to what recourse you may have. You could also seek legal advice.



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