EDF has billed my son. I have them a PM and non transferable Giro chq. They are threatening to send the debt collectors to his home. He has just come out of prison and another Debt collector is on his case for a fine. I rang them up and they were trying to get NI number from him but he did not disclose it.

How do we deal with them EDF and how do we deal with the Debt collectors from the court fine.




Have you or your son discussed his circumstance with those trying to collect a debt from him? The fact he has just been released from prison should explain matters.

How much does he owe? When did these bills originate, time wise? A time line of when the debts began, and when your son went to prison and for how long. I need a better perspective to give advice.

Is he working? Can he afford to make some form of payment?

The only reason a collector may want to know your son’s NI number could possibly be to see if he is working, paying contributions. Otherwise, his NI number does not really do anything for a collection agency.

Most creditors and collection agencies will work with you depending on your situation and what you can or cannot afford to pay.

If you can provide me some more details, I can advise you further.



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