I had my tax credit stopped because they said I wasn’t commercially viable, I may be asked to pay 4.000 to them.

What can they do if I don’t?




Who gave you the tax credit, was it DWP?

Was the tax credit based on something related to the pandemic, and lock downs?

Why did you receive the tax credit?

What type of business do you have, I am assuming you are self-employed?

Have you received a notice from DWP or HMRC about this?

The more information you can provide, the better I can research this and advise you.

There may have been a mistake made on the part of the government. Why would they say you are “commercially viable”? Are you still trading? What is the nature of your business?

Sorry for all the questions, but the government seems to have a sudden backlash in many areas; grants they gave out, increased benefits such as Universal Credit, and other areas. The government now seems to want to get back as much money as they can and gave out during the pandemic, and lock downs.

There also was a degree of fraud and misrepresentation from companies to get government money due to the pandemic.

If you can get back to me with more details, and possibly a scan of the notice you received, I will look more into this for you.



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