When I first saw this in the news, I thought it might be “fake news”. But then I saw it over and over in many news feeds, and on the BBC web site, and sure enough it is not fake.

MP’s are to get a £2,200 pay rise beginning April 1st. Talk about an April Fools joke gone bad.

This pay increase comes at a time when for the rest of us, us and them, are struggling with inflation and the increase of everything we need to live.

In the past 2 weeks, I have received notice my water rates were going up, my mobile phone bill was going up (even though I am on a fixed contract), my Internet was raised, National Insurance contributions were being increased, the service charges on my flat were going up, petrol has spiked, food prices are going up, and while my gas and electricity bill will remain the same due to a fixed tariff, I was told when that runs out in a few months, it, too, will increase!

Oh, and my local Council sent me a notice, Council Tax was going up.

What has not increased in price?!

I know one thing that has not increased……wages!

Unless you are an MP.

We get squeezed, they get a pay rise.

I know it is not cheap being an MP, but the timing of this raise in salaries seems a bit insensitive. Insensitive to us, those struggling to live, some on just the national minimum wage!

One upside is that with this raise, MP’s will also pay more to the National Insurance.

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