I left the UK in 2015 as my student Visa was up and I had to move back to my home country. I left behind some bills, like a mobile phone contract, my student loans, an overdraft, and also a credit card. I have been offered a job in the UK and want to know will these accounts affect my work Visa, and also will I be stopped at the airport upon my entry to the UK?




Have you had any contact or communication with those that you owe since you left the UK?

How much in total did you leave behind? And how much in student loans?

Have you been approved for your work Visa? That in itself will show you would not be detained or stopped when you come back to the UK. And for debts alone you would not be stopped.

Student loans do not need to be repaid until you earn a certain amount of income, which was £27,295 a year, the government was looking to reduce this amount to £25,000.

If you never earned more that the income allotted, you would not be expected to repay the student loans. You may wish to inure about the status of your student loans.



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