According to the government and the Prime Minister, Covid is over….not really, but the worst of it is…if we are to believe what we hear and read.

All restrictions are to be lifted, and free Covid tests are to be stopped, and life will now go on as the new normal.

Yes, I am being very sarcastic.

The facts are that life is getting back to a new normal, and there are many changes afoot.

The first being that the virus is what the government feels is under control. Between the jabs, boosters, and those that have had the virus, the idea of “herd immunity” is more of a reality now. Couple that with the fact we may have learned a lesson in what can happen, so taking precautions such as washing our hands more often, using sanitiser, etc, may also help.

The virus is now said to be like the flu. Some may get it each year, and we may need jabs for it.

Next we have the economy. It is said 2022 is going to be a costly one for us.

Inflation is rising, and so are are utility bills, food prices, and the cost of just about everything in general is going up.

In my city there are so many developers going bust. They have started a project, only to run out of funds and stop the work. There are so many half built blocks of flats, retail parks, etc, it is sad.

Part of the reason for this was back over 2 years ago when a developer budgeted for a site, they could not have taken into account a pandemic. A pandemic that caused lock downs, and also the price of building materials, if you can get them, to sky rocket!

OK, no more doom and gloom. Let’s discuss holidays, we all want one, and need one after the past 2 years.

couple on the beach

Holidays 2022

This information is based on my research and experience as of February 2022.

Every year my partner and I plan a few holidays across the 12 months. One is to some warm, sunny and sandy destination, one is to America, and a couple of self-drive 3 day weekends to Scotland, Wales, and other beautiful places.

It is a time for us to relax, recharge, and just have a bit of time to ourselves.



My research and experience in making a trip to America now is varied, and not conclusive. Here in the UK we may have declared Covid over, but not in America. Their mask laws are gone, in most states, but you still need a PCR test 24 hours before flying. And not all flights are still flying, there are limited flights.

Prices seem good, but they can spike at anytime, I have tracked this.

Trying to coordinate a PCR test 24 hours before flying, get your Verifly app updated, and be at one of the airports that fly to America, can be a challenge; along with additional expenses.

My friends who have flown just recently have experienced the same difficulties, but they can be overcome, and with some flight prices being reduced, not too bad a value for money.

Some additional expenses you need to look out for are:


Staycations – Self-Drive Holidays

My research here is limited, but I did find an increase in prices, in part due to a surge in demand, and also there were many places booked up. Supply and demand, surge pricing.

If you stay within the UK you can avoid the travel insurance expense, but if you are driving somewhere, have you seen the price of petrol! It is the highest I know of in a long time.

However, in the end, staycations may be a cheaper alternative to travelling abroad, as we will see.

Holidays Abroad

First, here is where we will discuss travel insurance first. Travel insurance prices have gone up. Now I know there are those that will say, I don’t need travel insurance, I have EHIC or European Health Insurance Card. Good for you!

Research shows even with Brexit and leaving the EU, these cards are good till their expiration date, and after that we can apply for a GHIC or a Global Health Insurance Card, however, with all the changes occurring weekly if not daily, having travel insurance as I have always advised, is a must!

And the cost of this insurance has risen.

A policy I priced that previously had cost £35, was now near £60, with the same protection and limits.

Leaving the insurance costs behind us, what about flights, resorts, transfers, etc??

My research showed it can vary, but a holiday we booked prior to the restrictions being lifted in the UK, depending on the country was very reasonable, and within the past week, the prices have gone up. These were all inclusive holidays with a solid travel firm and included the flights, the resort (all inclusive), and the transfers. Keep in mind I am not talking about mid-term holidays. Those spike in price all the time.

Now that many countries are open and need the tourism, the prices seemed to have dropped. It is just going to depend on where you wish to travel, and also nothing is fixed in stone. There is a variable and often time changes in prices all the time. Things are still a bit shaky that way.

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