The other night my phone rang and it was an unknown number, it wasn’t blocked, but it was a number I did not recognise, but I still answered it. It was some form of robo-call putting me on hold until a real person could pick up. So I put the phone down.

Then in about 10 minutes I received another call, similar to the first. Once again I put the phone down.

I received in total 15 of these calls, until late in the night, and on the last one I waited until a real person got on the line. It was a woman, whose English was poor, stating my Amazon account had been hacked, and a purchase of 700 dollars was made. Dollars, we live in the UK, and my mobile number is not attached to any Amazon accounts.

I told this woman sternly, this was a scam and I am reporting it. She quickly hung up, and I received no more calls. In trying the numbers I had been rung from, none of them worked.

As I have said, a new day, a new scam.

The foundation of every scam is to get your personal details, so they can get your money. Your bank details, or card details, then they can access your money.

If you keep this in mind, you realise, you must never give out your details to anyone.

The police would never ask you for banking or other details.

Your bank would never ask you for your banking details or PIN, they have those.

If you ever suspect you are being contacted by someone stating they are your bank, a bank, or the police, or any company for that matter, hang up, and phone the real bank or company, using another phone if possible.

Some scammers won’t hang up or break the line and then try to pretend they are who you were trying to phone.

Scammers can be clever, but we need to stay ahead of them.

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