This is a question I get asked a lot over not just the years, but more in recent times. The economy and world is changing, and with the Pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, many people saw a loss, or reduction in income.

Today we are facing epic inflation rates, and utilities are increasing, as is the price of food, petrol, everything.

Not everyone can financially handle all these changes at once, and they could fall behind in payments, and we need to concentrate on our priority bills first.

If you are one of those experiencing financial struggles, where can you get advice and help????


Here, this web site, the web site you are reading this post on.

You can search hundreds of topics and questions on debt, and how to get out of debt. If you stumble across this web site and have questions regarding anything in the USA, then go here.

There is a wealth of information on both web sites.

Local Councils

Many Councils offer concessions on Council Tax, which for some can be a burden to pay. There are many different concessions based on if you are working or not, and sole occupancy concession (25%), and others.

Don’t rule out seeing what benefits you may be eligible for as well. Contact the DWP to inquire about these.

Debt Charities

There are a few charities in the UK that specialise in helping those with debt problems, and they provide their services for free.

There is help out there, and it is free! Beginning here on this web site. Just ask here.

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