I have not been paying my water rates included within my rent, the rent for the property has been paid but not the £9 per week for water rates. I also have debt collectors sending me letters for debts they have with me, which they don’t my fictitious character doesn’t even have a contract with them it’s from someone else. They have knocked on my door and clamped my car (which because of his behaviour I got taken off and am now trying to seek legal help for this).

I’ve had debt collection at my door, and letters threatening to remove my car, for parking tickets. What can I do with these please ?? I understand with debt collection they’re like vampires and cannot do anything if I open the door or anything, but I worry that my car is not on private property they can clamp or tow my car. I also understand that the debt is not with them. I would also like to know how to not pay my water rates that’s included within my rent charges, I’ve paid my rent but not the service charge added for water rates, so a debt is building.



I understand it is very stressful when you have debt collectors contacting and you, and worse yet, if they are clamping your car.

A few questions:

Does your tenancy agreement show the water rates are included?

What water service or utility are you with, and how much do they state you owe?

Why is your car being clamped for fines? Did someone use your car and get the fines?

If your tenancy agreement shows that the water rates are included, you can simply show this agreement to the water company or collection firm. If you are responsible for a portion of the water rates, they can send you letters, but they cannot turn off your water. But again, how much do you owe? Can you afford to make small token payments, if indeed you are responsible for a portion of the rates.

If someone else has used your car and received parking or other fines, unfortunately if you cannot prove they were driving the car, the Council or whomever issued the fines are going to assume the name the car is registered in will be responsible. You may need legal advice on this matter.

Your car should not be clamped or towed for debts in someone else’s name.

If you can give me a bit more detail and information, I will look more into this for you.



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