I have read what you wrote about CCJ’s and also the courts enforcing the judgment. I owe Council Tax and have been in arrears for sometime now, and recently the Council sent me a court notice that they are seeking a judgment against me. I know this is serious, but I don’t know what to do?




Council Tax is a priority bill, and as such needs to be paid on time.

Lecture over 🙂 Now let’s look at what you need to do.

The first question is, why have you not paid your Council Tax? And have you discussed this with the Council?

How much do you owe, and how far in arrears are you?

Do you own the property in question?

Councils do offer concessions and if you are receiving any benefits, you would qualify for a discount. And these discounts can be applied retroactively to help in what you owe.

Councils can be aggressive in collecting what is owed to them, and if they do take you to court, have a summons issued, they could look at Enforcement Orders, which could be the use of Bailiffs.

You need to speak to the Council, and fully explain whey you have not paid the tax, and if need be provide the Council and the courts with a completed income and expenditure sheet, showing why you cannot afford to pay the tax. If you need assistance in doing these, your local CAB, or the charity Shelter can help you.

If you can answer my questions, and provide more details, I can assist you further as well. You need to avoid the summons and courts.



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