Hi Jon,

My question is related to my mother’s house, which she has owned for over 50 years. There is no mortgage, she owns is outright. She wants to sell it to me and my partner, and I am unsure how we go about this.

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I understand wanting to buy your mum’s house, I assume you lived and grew up there, and want to keep it in the family.

Is your mum looking to sell the house at the market value to you, or is she offering a discount, or gifted equity?

Either is fine.

Do you currently own a property? And if so, does it have equity?

Your mum can sell the house to anyone she chooses, and for whatever price she decides, even if it is below the market value. If she sells the house for £80,000, and it is worth £100,000, that is a form of gifted equity, which to a mortgage lender, may not require you to have a deposit.

Speak to your mum more, and also a mortgage advisor and get back to me and we can look more at this.



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