As we are being told, and feel, it is not getting any cheaper to live, in fact with inflation at one of its highest peaks, we are going to be paying out more and more each month.

One area many people are feeling the increase in costs is food, and also gas and electricity; all of which we cannot live without.

Everyone has their own little ways to save money here and there. For some it is the use of vouchers or coupons. There is also frequent buyer cards that offer discounts to club members. These are all good ways to try and knock a few quid off of some of our expenses.

And there are some other ways as well.


Off-peaking is just what it sounds like, and is more of a lifestyle, in addition to a way to save money. It simply means living your live off-peak times.

This means you may go shopping when the store and shops are less busy, first thing in the morning, weekdays, and even late nights, as some food shops are open late.

You also avoid the crowds and queues that are associated with peak times.

Some “off-peakers” know when the supermarkets put out the deeply reduced food items that go off that day or within 24 hours. That is when the deals are to be had.

Off-peaking can also apply to travel. For some train lines and buses, after 9am or 9:30am, is off-peak, so fares are cheaper. Obviously if you use public transport to get to work, you would need that flexibility at work to arrange your shifts to coincide with those off-peak times.

Holidays can work the same. Breaks in the school terms is when prices spike for holidays. Off-peak times prices are less. Naturally if you have children, this may not be such an option.

Off-peaking can also apply to some forms of entertainment, such as meeting friends and family out for a meal or drink. Happy Hour prices are good, but meeting for a coffee in the morning or having breakfast, can be a much cheaper option.


This should go without saying, and I won’t say much about it, but don’t pay for a bank account. Some banks charge a fee each month, and while they say they offer various services with that fee, such as insurance for your mobile, life insurance, discounts on other services, there are too many free bank accounts being offered to pay for the privilege to have someone hold your money.


Here is where many of us are seeing a huge increase in our bills, gas, electricity, and water H2O.

And it can be difficult to get these expenses under control.

I was against Smart Meters for years, then this year I caved and had one installed….for free.

And I love it!

I can track exactly where I am burning too much electricity and/or gas and make adjustments to reduce this expense.

Water can be more difficult to monitor, even with a water meter.

They say showers use less water than a bath, but if you have an electric hot water on demand shower, they use a lot of electricity!

Not flushing the toilet every time someone uses it is an option, although many say not a pleasant one. Some households share a shower or bath, again not always so simple to do.

Years ago, some families put a brick in the back of the toilet so it filled up with less water. It can be an option.

There can be many tricks or simple options to save money. If you have one, let us know and share it here.

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