The skies are beginning to open up again, and many of us are planning holidays abroad, and to just go away for awhile. However, there are those that are considering or looking to move to another country on a more permanent basis, move away for a few years, or possibly a retirement, or long-term move.

I have written in the past about moving to other countries and leaving debts behind in the UK, or the opposite, moving back to the UK from another country and leaving debts behind there. All of which you can do. But it does not make the debt(s) go away.

There are a few questions I still get asked on a regular basis:

All good questions, and something to be concerned about.

Can I get a Visa to move to another country with debt in the UK?

The answer to this question will be determined by the country you wish to obtain a Visa to stay in, the type of Visa you are seeking, and their rules and conditions.

Here in the UK, being in debt in other countries is usually and for the most part, not an issue. For the majority of UK Visa’s, the Home Office is more concerned with how you or someone else (spouse) will provide for you.

Do you have a job?

Is your spouse sponsoring you and do they meet the income criteria to do so?

Debts in other countries are not asked about, this does not mean other countries have similar applications, or do not do credit and background checks. This can vary from country to country.

Will my debt follow me where ever I move?

The answer to this question is possibly. The debt does not go away just because you moved to another country. As to if your creditor or who you will chase you to another country to collect a debt, no one can really say, however if they do chase you, they may not have any authority in your new or home country to collect the debt.

This does not mean the account/debt could not be sold or assigned to a collection agency here in the UK, or in another country. Debts are sold or assigned to outside collection agencies in other countries on a regular basis.

Can I return to the UK with debts abroad?

Yes, you can return to the UK having left unpaid debts somewhere else in the world. As long as you meet the entry requirements to enter the UK, such as being a UK Citizen, and also any other requirements, which as of this writing, may mean some form of current Covid test, you can enter the UK.

Will I be detained at the airport if I return to a country where I have left behind debts?

Good question, and the answer will once again on where you have left debts behind, and what country you are attempting to enter.

Returning to the UK is not an issue, even you left debts here in the UK, or elsewhere in the world. As long as no crimes have been committed, it is not an issue.

There are countries where the non-payment of a loan is considered a crime. If a warrant is issued against you, returning to that country would not be a wise decision.

As you read this if you have any additional questions, or want specific advice related to your set of circumstances, contact me here.

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