Hi Jon,

I went bankrupt last year and am now discharged from that bankruptcy. The bankruptcy stemmed from in part the pandemic and being closed for so long. The company had a lot of debt, and we were struggling before the virus came, and having to be closed with no customers for as long as we were there was no coming back.

I have read your recent post about doing our part and volunteering to help others and various charitable contributions. I also had some help in deciding to go bankrupt, and how to close my business from a local accountant who offers their services for free to help others.

I want to give back and help others now as well. Do you have any suggestions or charities to recommend?

Thank you,




Thanks and I am glad you read my post of charities and doing our part.

As the saying goes, charity begins at home. I would look around your town or city as to what charities are there and inquire as to what volunteer positions they may have open or a need to fill.

In the past I volunteered at the housing charity Shelter. They are a nationwide organisation, and offer many different services to those in need. They can provide vouchers for food banks, limited financial advice, and also assist in helping those facing eviction.

There may be food banks or food pantries in your area that could use more helping hands.

There may be many opportunities in your community to volunteer and help out.

I wish you the best in your search, and hope you find a good match for what you want to do.



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