We have been warned that 2022 is going to be the year, not of the Tiger, but the “financial squeeze”.

And it appears this is not just a saying or mystic knowledge, but in fact as inflation has risen, so have prices….on just about everything.

We were warned and told that some prices may rise, in part due to the pandemic, and how it must get paid. But it certainly is here quickly, and in an increased amount.

Personally, we are just into the second month of the New Year 2022, and I see and feel the rising costs in the stores. It is some of the little things I noticed at first, bleach which I could find for .39p, is now .69p. While still cheap, that is a huge increase in price, almost double. And that is just one example.

I have also noticed staff shortages in the shops and stores. I have not done enough research to attribute the shortages to any one detail. It could be the Brexit, possibly staff testing positive for Covid…..who knows.

I have read and researched this, and some employers are offering higher wages to new employees, which in turn would mean higher prices for goods and services.

In the end, it is all of us as consumers that have to pick up the cheque, bill, tab for all this.

Have you got an inflation or increase of goods and services story? Tell me here, and we will get it out to everyone. Maybe you have a great savings idea on how to save money, message me here as well.

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