I need some advice. I invested a large amount of money into a company and the person I gave the money to is not paying me back as we agreed. What are my options? In fact, they may have committed fraud in what they told me to get me to invest.




When you mention invest, was this a long-term investment, or was it to be more like a loan where you were to receive monthly payments?

How much did you invest or lend?

How is the company structured, sole trader, LTD?

Do you have a contract signed by both parties agreeing to the terms of the investment or loan?

Depending on the answers to these questions, will dictate what your recourse is.

If you feel fraud was committed, you may wish to seek legal advice, and/or speak to the authorities.

In following the legal course, you may need to take the person or company to court to seek legal action to collect what is owed, but then again, it depends on the contract and terms outlined in that contract.



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