This web site, as well as our sister site were created and developed to not just help people get out of debt, although that is a big reason, but also to educate and advise those who have financial issues/concerns, and questions about their personal finances.

This all started with Steve Rhode and today he continues to “give back” to individuals seeking assistance, and also to the community as a whole.

I had begin some charitable work many years ago, and I also have continued this onward as the years rolled on. That is one main reason I am here on this web site; to use my experience and knowledge to help others.

Many of us here in the UK give of our time, experience and knowledge to help others in some form of charitable way. It may be volunteering at a food bank, a housing charity, or (insert charity here), there are numerous ways we can help.

And we should help! If we need assistance or help in some way, it would be nice to know it is available.

There are many ways we can help, directly and indirectly.

I have two things or causes as they say that drive me, OK…maybe three, ha ha. Food, shelter and debt.

Food: No one should go hungry, period! There has to be enough food in the world to feed everyone. Why do we waste as much food as we do??? Food is a necessity and should be shared.

Shelter/Housing: No one should be without housing, a home, or as much as they can make it a home. I understand there will always be those that choose to live rough and on the streets, and mental health issues will always be there…but…those that want and need housing should have it.

Debt: People will always find some way to be in debt. It may be through their own means, or circumstance. But getting out of debt should be easy, and here in the UK it is.

I fully understand the weight of providing these assistances falls on the shoulders of those that work, pay taxes, and may grumble. And yes, I know I sound like a socialist, liberal, the government should provide, nanny state, type of person, but there is balance that can be found.

We just need to look. Look and you will find.

Doing Our Part

There are many ways we can help others, either directly or indirectly.

By my volunteering my time to answer questions people may have regarding their debt and financial issues on this web site, and by volunteering and being on a committee for a housing association, and also working with various charities in my community and a local housing charity, I am trying to do my part.

That is a direct way to help.

A friend of mine works in a local food bank, putting together and giving out food parcels.

Another friend of mine gathers and gives out zimmers, walkers, bedside commodes, wheelchairs, etc to those who are in need of them, and may not have been provided one through the NHS.

Giving back directly.

An indirect way to give back can be through donations or financially contributing to a charity. Yes, this may seem directly giving, but in a different way.

One such indirect way to help is via the Co-op. I realise I am singling out one particular company, but I have done some work for the Co-op, and feel this is a good way to help and aid local charities, in a very non-direct way.

By becoming a member of the Co-op, you not only get .2p for every £1 you spend on Co-op products, but you can designate that money to go to a local charity. In addition, the Co-op also provides a food pantry to help charities, and also donates to charities as well.

It is a win-win situation.

So just to give a nudge to anyone who reads this, think about your own personal situation, and that of your friends and family. If there is a way you could help in your community, will you?

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