Leased a car in Kuwait in 2007, left Kuwait in 2008, quite quickly to be honest.
Left the car & letter at Kuwait Finance House.

Nothing heard since, early Jan 2022 Bilkish contacted me via my
Current employer (LinkedIn search) saying I have a dept of KD 5,899.100
They have threatened me with a lifetime GCC wide ban & said Kuwait Finance will file a case, if not paid by end of Jan 2022

What is my position?

What can you advise?




Your position on this mater will depend on if you can afford to repay the debt or not. If you can afford to set-up a repayment plan, and the collection agency or bank will accept it, that is one option. If you can afford to settle the debt for less than what is owed, and the agency or finance company will accept this, that is another option.

If you cannot afford to do either of these, or the collection agency and/or finance company will not work with you, then there is the option of doing nothing. This does not make the debt go away, and it also raises some other options.

You could look into any statute of limitations for Kuwait as to how long a debt can be collected. 2008 until 2022, is a long period of time. Here in the UK a debt can be Statute Barred, or no longer owed if you have had no contact from a creditor for six (6) years. Different countries have different laws.

Should the account/debt be assigned or sold to a UK collection agency, the debt has to then be collected in accord with UK rules and laws. This also gives you all the UK debt management and insolvency options here as well.

The threat of filing a case and being banned in any GCC countries is a very real threat. Obviously if you plan to return to any GCC countries you need to be aware of this.

Let me know the outcome if you speak to Bilkish and we can look further into this.



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    1. Darren,

      I answered your question(s). If you have any additional information or details you want to provide, I can look more into this for you.



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