My partner and I have split up and we have 2 credit cards together. I am now responsible for child maintenance and am falling behind in the card payments. I am also beginning to be late on my rent, as the increased cost of paying rent, child maintenance and the usual bills is more than what I am earning at the moment. I need to figure out a plan to pay everything.




When relationships end, be it a partnership or a marriage, it can be costly.

You not only have 2 households now, but also two sets of expenses, in addition to any debts you may have.

Are the credit cards in just your name? If they are in bot you and your ex-partner’s names, you are both responsible for the accounts.

You need to concentrate on the priority bills at this time, rent, utilities, food, and child maintenance.

If you cannot afford the credit cards, contact the card companies and inquire as to what they may able to do to help you. You may need to just pay token payments for a period of time. If there is a way to increase your income, that can help as well.



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