Due to the pandemic and Covid, and now this resurgence in a new variant of the virus, so many people are testing positive and also need to self-isolate.

This slows down the world.

More and more we have moved towards an automated customer service routine. You need to ring up a company and more and more it push this button for this, push another button for another response, it is very difficult to get to speak to a real person. And with many people out due to self-isolation, it has only gotten worse.

Unprecedented is the word of not just the moment, but possibly the next decade.

Supply Chains and Deliveries and Services

My partner had a punctured tire yesterday. In normal times a 30 minute call out would be in order….but no not nowadays. Hours of waiting for the service we pay dearly for each month to get to her aid.

But they did get there, 2 hours later.

I was in my local Metro shop and the shelves seemed a bit sparse. I asked an employee, was it my imagination, or do the shelves seem a bit bare? The response was they are not getting regular deliveries, no lorry drivers. I also noticed only half the usual employees working in the store, to which I was told many of them are self-isolating.

One service which seems to have not slowed down is certain delivery services. In speaking with people, and ordering a few things myself, Amazon seems to have stayed on top of things. Their Prime service can still get the goods to you within 24 hours if you want.

Unfortunately the world is changing, and we are facing a new normal. The world for now, is slowing down.

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