I am embarrassed by my circumstance and need some help as to what to do. I am 21 and have £7,000 in gambling debt. When I get paid I go to the shops and play the fruit machines at the pub, and at the bookies. Then I got a credit card and took out cash on the card to gamble on the horses at the bookies. I got another credit card and used it and now owe £7,000. I am scared as I cannot afford to pay these cards. And I am still gambling. Help!

I am not going to leave my name.



No worries about not leaving your name.

You are not alone, and you need to contact Gamblers Anonymous as a starting point to get help.

If you are working, and can afford the monthly payments, that also is a start. If you cannot afford the monthly payments, we can look at other options for you. There are always options.

Get back to me.



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