With the increase in the cost of just about everything, and 2022 being called the year of the “financial squeeze”, it would just follow suite that holidays would increase in prices as well.

Of course dealing with these increases can be difficult, sometimes there is only so much one can do.

And with so much that has gone for the past two (2) years, we all want a well deserved holiday.

Recently the government has been discussing lifting Covid tests, in specific the PCR tests for travellers leaving and arriving back in the UK. This is a saving for us holidaymakers.

The government is also discussing reducing the self-isolation period to possibly 5 days.

All of this coupled with the pent-up demand for holidays, is seeing a spike in the prices of holidays abroad.

The airlines, resorts, hotels, restaurants, all need to recover lost revenue over the past couple of years.

I have been researching holidays abroad for a few months now, and the changes in pricing has surprised me.

A few months back a 3 day holiday in Benidorm, Spain was averaging around £200; flights, hotel, and transfers. This was self-catering.

Now today, those holidays, as short as they are have doubled in price.

Just 2 weeks ago a 7 day all inclusive holiday to Greece was averaging £550 per person. Today that same holiday is near £900 per person.

Yes, timing is everything, and by booking in advance you take the chance of rules and travel restrictions changing, before you leave and while away. But the holiday prices are going up.

Staycations are more popular than ever, and the cost of these holidays has increased as well.

Camp sites, glamping sites, B&B’s are all getting booked up, and due to the economics of supply and demand, prices are increasing as well.

It pays to do some research and comparisons when considering a holiday. You also may want to have more than one destination in mind when pricing a holiday.

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