Over the years it is natural to see an increase in the cost and value of products and services. Food prices rise, and so does wages, although wages may not keep up with the cost of goods and services.

The same can be true for the valuation of a company, or at best that is the plan. Not all companies increase in value as we have seen over the years. Some companies value decreases and they go bust.

In recent years we have seen some companies go from being worth millions, to being worth billions, and even more recently worth trillions of USD/U.S. Dollars.

I call this the Trillion Dollar Club, and there are not a lot of members, but there are a few, and recently Apple, that little old computer company who know have their hands in everything, is recently valued at 3 trillion dollars!

That is $3,000,000,000,000! That is a 3, with 12 zeros after it.

Apple is the first company to achieve this mark.

Of course as market valuations go, they can go up or down, but for now Apple is on top.

Other trillion dollar companies are:

How do you get to be a trillion dollar company? Some of it can be luck, but more importantly is to provide a service or product people feel they need or must have, and market that product accordingly.

Who knew we would need Google as a search engine 25 years ago? Google knew, and they created their own market by changing the game. Nowadays if you do not rank in Google search for your product or service, you had better have some good referrals or word-of-mouth to stay in business.

Who knew we would rely so heavily on our mobile phones, and need a new iPhone every other year? Apple knew, and created that market. It started with the computer, then the iPlayer, and now the iPhone and more.

Who knew an old building in Seattle, Washington, where Jeff Bezos started selling books online, he actually began out of his garage, would go on to sell just about anything you can imagine online. And deliver some it within 24 hours, or even the same day!

Creativity and delivering products and services, being forward thinking and anticipating the consumer’s wants and needs. That makes a trillion dollar company.

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