Travelling outside the UK, even within the UK, is changing almost daily. You need to continually check the government’s web site on travel if you are looking to travel, and you also need to check with the airline you plan to fly with.

Recently the UK government changed the rules and requires a PCR test be done for most travellers coming back to the UK from certain countries. This PCR test must be done within 2 days of returning. The average cost of this 2 day test was £55, according to my research.

Many airlines now require you to show a PCR test 48 to 72 hours prior to fling to certain countries, and also another PCR test again prior to flying home.

These are additional expenses to add to your trip’s budget, and in some instances were implemented while you may have been abroad. There also can be the expense of needing to quarantine in a hotel.

A question I have been asked lately is, can I claim these additional expenses on my travel insurance policy?

The answer is complicated, but probably not. It can depend on a few things.

Sorry to be so vague, but you will understand why soon.

The first factor is the policy, its terms and conditions and the insurer. Some travel insurance policies state they do not cover you if you go to a “red country”, and also do not offer coverage due to Covid restrictions, or changes that may occur due to Covid.

This means that any additional expenses you may incur during your travels due to Covid or government changes in rules, will not be covered.

My research showed that if you are forced to quarantine while outside the UK, and your insurance policy was due to expire while you are away and in quarantine, many insurers will continue your coverage until your return. Which means if you were injured or had any illness the policy covered, even in quarantine, you are still insured for what the policy covers.

As I said, it can get complicated.

The main thing to do is to inquire with the insurer prior to taking out a travel insurance policy. You can query them as to where you are travelling to, for how long, and what coverage if any they offer related to Covid and travel disruptions.

In the majority of instances, if your flight or trip is cancelled, the insurer will refer you to the airline or holiday issuer for a refund. You will not be able to claim on the travel insurance policy.

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