I left the UK 7 years ago, and left behind a lot of debts. I am now getting a Visa to come back to the UK to work. I am concerned about being stopped at the airport for these unpaid debts. I also am worried about if I will be able to get credit while I am back in the UK?




The debts from 7 years ago should not be an issue in obtaining a Visa, however, if any judgements or CCJ’s were issued, it may be an issue.

What type of Visa are you getting to enter the UK?

You may wish to query this with who is sponsoring you for the Visa, or who is helping you get your Visa as well.

Have you had any contact with those you owe since you left the UK?

How much and who did you have accounts with?

Getting credit here in the UK is secondary to where the accounts and who you owe maybe at this time. Usually if there has been no contact from a creditor in six (6) years, a debt can be Statute Barred, or no longer owed.

Give me some more details and I can look further into this for you.



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