Here we are in 2022, a New Year, a new beginning, and hopefully not nursing a hangover.

There is a lot of hope for the New Year, hope that we can get back to a new normal way of living. Of course there will be some changes, and financially it is being proposed we will be worse off than previous years. Due to inflation and rising costs.

Many of us each New Year make a resolution, something we are going to change in our life, or life style to make things better.

Common New Year’s resolutions are:

There are many resolutions people make each year, and some of us actually stick to them.

As to the resolution as to getting out of debt, there are many ways to do this, a list of these can be found here.

The beginning or foundation of any option you choose to get out of debt begins twofold:

These two beginnings will help the process of getting out of debt.

Happy New Year!

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